Dances & Music

If you're interested in using one of the dances and want detailed dance instructions, please get in touch.

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Dance // Music

Black Pig // Trumpet Hornpipe

Blacksmith // Harpers Frolic

Black Widow // Black Widow

Bob's Dance// Argiers

Brimfield // Swansea Hornpipe

Craven Stomp // Roxburgh Castle

Cuckoo's Nest // Cuckoo's Nest

Dilwyn // Not for Joe

East Acton Stick Dance // Strike the Bell

Echoes // Loose Polka

Fanny Frail // Fanny Frail

Fools' Revenge // Lovesick Polly

Gwyneth //Dorset 4 Hand Reel

Hey up Joe // Manchester Hornpipe

Hook North // Schroders Schottische

Joe & Betty (née Gingerbread) // William Taylor's Table Top Hornpipe

Just as the Tide Was Flowin' // Just as the Tide Was Flowin'

Loxley Barratt Stick Dance // Largo's Fairy Dance

Much Wenlock // Much Wenlock

Powderkegs // The Galopede

Ragged Crow // Portobello Hornpipe

Sheepskins // Three Jolly Sheepskins

Shepherd's Pie // Shepherd's Pie

Tinner's Rabbit // Uncle Bernards Polka

Twiglet // Theme Vanitais

Upton Skirmish // Brighton Camp

Upton Stick // Upton Upon Severn Stick Dance

White Ladies Aston // White Ladies Aston

Worcester Hey // Jump at the Sun

Worcester Monkey // Weasel's Revenge